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DEI 615: Media History and Analysis (in Human-Computer Interaction)

Knowledge and information are linked on a global scale though new media and communication technologies. Technology has become pervasive in our lives and has changed how we experience our interactions with ourselves, computing devices, and the world. The scale, speed, and logic - cultural and algorithmic -through which technology and new media operates today is unprecedented. However, this cultural shift towards pervasive computers has not just improved our lives, but provides an increasing amount of challenges for designers of technology and new media in this day and age. It is not enough that technology just works these days, but it is also important that the experience we have with it, is pleasurable.On the backdrop of development of new media, we will discuss the emergence of pleasurable user experience design. Students will be introduced to the theoretical background of user experience design and emerging new media and how to analyze and design for new media.


Lennart Nacke
Director of the HCI Games Group


<5>Fall 2015