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INFR4320U: Artificial Intelligence for Gaming

This course introduces topics of artificial intelligence (AI) that are relevant for game developers (such as behavioral AI, steering, spatial reasoning, navigation and pathfinding, agents, or scripting). Game AI is more than just a testbed for achieving human-level intelligence in computers. One primary goal of game AI is to increase the engagement and enjoyment of players. This can be done through smooth motion and animation techniques that leverage AI procedures or by developing AI that orchestrates non-player behavior in a challenging and fun way for players. This course allows students to explore basic AI principles, such as finite-state machines and A* pathfinding, up to more sophisticated principles, such as player modeling and neural networks. This course is using the #inf4320 hashtag on Twitter. Recommended Textbook: Millington, I., Funge, J. (2009). Artificial Intelligence for Games, Second Edition. San Francisco, CA: Morgan Kaufmann. ISBN-10: 0123747317 | ISBN-13: 978-0123747310


Lennart Nacke
Director of the HCI Games Group


<5>Fall 2011