Full-Body Motion-Based Game Interaction for Older Adults

Kathrin M. Gerling, Ian Livingston, Lennart E. Nacke, and Regan L. Mandryk. 2012. Full-Body Motion-Based Game Interaction for Older Adults. In Proceedings of CHI 2012. Austin, TX, United States. ACM, 1873-1882. doi:10.1145/2207676.2208324


Older adults in nursing homes often lead sedentary lifestyles, which reduces their life expectancy. Full-body motion-control games provide an opportunity for these adults to remain active and engaged; these games are not designed with age-related impairments in mind, which prevents the games from being leveraged to increase the activity levels of older adults. In this paper, we present two studies aimed at developing game design guidelines for full-body motion controls for older adults experiencing age-related changes and impairments. Our studies also demonstrate how full-body motion-control games can accommodate a variety of user abilities, have a positive effect on mood and, by extension, the emotional well-being of older adults. Based on our studies, we present seven guidelines for the design of full-body interaction in games. The guidelines are designed to foster safe physical activity among older adults, thereby increasing their quality of life.