Gameplay Experience in a Gaze Interaction Game

Lennart E. Nacke, Sophie Stellmach, Dennis Sasse, and Craig A. Lindley. 2009. Gameplay Experience in a Gaze Interaction Game. In A. Villanueva, J.P. Hansen, and B. K. Ersbo II. Eds. Proceedings of COGAIN 2009. Lyngby, Denmark. The COGAIN Association, 49-54.


Assessing gameplay experience for gaze interaction games is a challenging task. For this study, a gaze interaction Half-Life 2 game modification was created that allowed eye tracking control. The mod was deployed during an experiment at Dreamhack 2007, where participants had to play with gaze navigation and afterwards rate their gameplay experience. The results show low tension and negative affects scores on the gameplay experience questionnaire as well as high positive challenge, immersion and flow ratings. The correlation between spatial presence and immersion for gaze interaction was high and yields further investigation. It is concluded that gameplay experience can be correctly assessed with the methodology presented in this paper.