Mixed Reality Games

Elizabeth Bonsignore, Derek L. Hansen, Zachary O. Toups, Lennart E. Nacke, Anastasia Salter, and Wayne Lutters. 2012. Mixed Reality Games. In Proceedings of CSCW 2012. Seattle, WA, United States. ACM, 7-8. doi:10.1145/2141512.2141517


Collaborative technologies increasingly permeate our everyday lives. Mixed reality games use these technologies to entertain, motivate, educate, and inspire. We understand mixed reality games as goal-directed, structured play experiences that are not fully contained by virtual or physical worlds. They transform existing technologies, relationships, and places into platforms for gameplay. While the design of mixed reality games has received increasing attention across multiple disciplines, a focus on the collaborative potential of mixed reality formats, such as augmented and alternate reality games, has been lacking. We believe the CSCW community can play an essential and unique role in examining and designing the next generation of mixed reality games and technologies that support them. To this end, we seek to bring together researchers, designers, and players to advance an integrated mixed reality games' research canon and outline key opportunities and challenges for future research and development.