Motion-Based Game Design for Older Adults

Kathrin M. Gerling, Ian Livingston, Lennart E. Nacke, and Regan L. Mandryk. 2012. Motion-Based Game Design for Older Adults. In Proceedings of GRAND 2012. Montréal, QC, Canada. .


Older adults in nursing homes often lead sedentary lifestyles, which reduces their life expectancy. Full-body motion-control games provide an opportunity for these adults to remain active and engaged; but these games are not designed with age-related impairments in mind, which prevents the games from being leveraged to increase the activity levels of older adults. In this paper, we create a gardening game specifically addressing institutionalized older adults. Additionally, we present an evaluation of the game that demonstrates how full-body motion-control games can accommodate a variety of user abilities, have a positive effect on mood and, by extension, the emotional well-being of older adults, thereby increasing their quality of life.