Practical Insights into the Design of Future Disaster Response Training Simulations

Sultan Alharthi, Nicolas LaLone, Ahmed S. Khalaf, Ruth C. Torres, Lennart E. Nacke, Igor Dolgov, and Zachary O. Toups. 2018. Practical Insights into the Design of Future Disaster Response Training Simulations. In 15th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM 2018). Rochester, NY, USA. .


A primary component of disaster response is training. These educational exercises provide responders with the knowledge and skills needed to be prepared when disasters happen. However, traditional training methods, such as high-fidelity simulations (e.g., real-life drills) and classroom courses, may fall short of providing effective and cost-efficient training that is needed for today’s challenges. Advances in technology open a wide range of opportunities for training using computer-mediated simulations and exercises. These exercises include the use of mixed reality games and wearable computers. Existing studies report on the usefulness of these technologies for training purposes. This review paper synthesizes prior research and development of disaster response simulations and identifies challenges, opportunities, and lessons learned. Through this review, we provide researchers and designers with an overview of current practices in designing training simulations and contribute practical insights into the design of future disaster response training.