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Affective Evaluation of Games & Interactive Media

Evaluating user experience with affective measures is a field of growing importance in the human factors domain, because the emotional effects of engaging technology, such as movies, mobile networked devices, games and new media, are not well understood. Within this research theme, we are developing and validating robust new methods for physiological evaluation of user engagement components in digital games and new media. In the past, Dr. Nacke has worked in-depth on psychophysiological methods for evaluating player experience, such as brain waves, muscular and skin responses, cardiovascular measures, respiration, eye gaze paths, and pupil dilation. In addition to measuring physiological responses, we are also using full body motion tracking, facial tracking and recognition, behavioral logging techniques, video observation, and subjective responses.



Lennart Nacke
Director of the HCI Games Group


Marim Ganaba
Master's Student
Mike Schäkermann
Master's Student
Gustavo Fortes Tondello
Ph.D. Student in Personalized Health Gamification
Jose Rodriguez
Master's Student
Rina Wehbe
Ph.D. Student, EEG Analysis of Gameplay Comprehension
Giovanni Ribeiro
Master's Student
Henk-Jan de Groot
Lab Intern, Server Magician, and Specialist of Nontraditional Time Zones
Pejman Mirza-Babaei
Affiliated Faculty
Naeem Moosajee
Master's Student in Games User Research, Digital Wizard
Pedro Nogueira
External Ph.D. Student at University of Porto, Portugal
James Robb
Master’s Student, Player Experience
Melissa Stocco
Undergraduate Student
Samantha Stahlke
Lab Assistant, Charlatan of Doom, Official Comma Wrangler of the HCI Games Group


Year 2015

Games User Research and Physiological Game Evaluation

Lennart E. Nacke. 2015. Games User Research and Physiological Game Evaluation. In Regina Bernhaupt. Eds. Game User Experience Evaluation. Springer International Publishing, 63-86. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-15985-0_4