Project Details

Gamification of Social Recruitment Applications

The HCI Games Group is collaborating with the Canadian company Klujo to build gamified social recruitment applications. Currently, potential employees are finding the job search difficult and convoluted in many cases; consequently, employers face many challenges in locating suitable recruits. Applications and websites matching employees and employers can help to mitigate this problem; however, these services are not a complete solution. Often, a lack of user motivation and system clarity cause difficulties that impede the process of online recruitment. We are investigating gamification, or the integration of game elements in non-gaming tasks, as a solution to this problem. Therefore, we are designing Klujo, an application which will gamify the recruitment process. The strength of this application stems from an interdisciplinary approach using concepts from computer science, game studies, psychology, and business. This project is funded by an NSERC ENGAGE Grant.



Lennart Nacke
Director of the HCI Games Group


Marim Ganaba
Master's Student and UX Researcher
Mike Schäkermann
Master's Student
Dominic Elm
Visiting Master's Student
Gustavo Fortes Tondello
Ph.D. Researcher, Personalization of Gameful Interactive Systems
Rina Wehbe
Ph.D. Student, Errors, Perception of AI, Health Games
Samantha Stahlke
Lab Assistant, Charlatan of Doom, Official Comma Wrangler of the HCI Games Group