Stuart Hallifax

Visiting Ph.D. Student, Adaptive Gamification of Teaching

Stuart is a PhD student from the LIRIS lab, SICAL team, based in Lyon France. He is working on adaptive gamification of digital teaching resources, under the supervision of Elise Lavoué, Audrey Serna, and Jean-Charles Marty and was working in the HCI Games Group for the summer of 2019 on a collaborative adaptive gamification project with Dr. Nacke and Dr. Tondello. His thesis is a part of the LudiMoodle project, financed by the e-FRAN project, a part of the “Investissements d’Avenir” (PIA2). His thesis goal is the production of a model that allows the adaptation of game elements to learner profiles, based on trace-based study, and fixed characteristics identified by questionnaires.

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