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Three CHI 2016 Papers That Will Change the Way you Think About Game Design

Written by Lennart Nacke. If you work in the field of human-computer interaction, you are probably familiar with the field’s flagship conference: The Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems also known as CHI. The conference attracts between 3,500–4,000 attendees every year (this year 3,876 people attended [2016]) and moves across different international locations . . . (Read More)

Repidly: A Lightweight Tool for the Collaborative Analysis of Biosignals and Gameplay Videos

Written by Mike Schaekermann of the HCI Games Group Analysing physiological biodata is often cumbersome, does often not have a fast turnaround and does not allow for collaborative annotation. In this blog post, I would like to present a lightweight collaborative web application that enables games user researchers, designers, and analysts to easily make use of biosignals as metrics for the evaluation of video games . . . (Read More)