Advanced Gaze Visualizations for Three-Dimensional Virtual Environments

Sophie Stellmach, Lennart E. Nacke, and Raimund Dachselt. 2010. Advanced Gaze Visualizations for Three-Dimensional Virtual Environments. In Proceedings of ETRA 2010. Austin, TX, United States. ACM, 109-112. doi:10.1145/1743666.1743693


Gaze visualizations represent an effective way for gaining fast insights into eye tracking data. Current approaches do not adequately support eye tracking studies for three-dimensional (3D) virtual environments. Hence, we propose a set of advanced gaze visualization techniques for supporting gaze behavior analysis in such environments. Similar to commonly used gaze visualizations for two-dimensional stimuli (e.g., images and websites), we contribute advanced 3D scan paths and 3D attentional maps. In addition, we introduce a models of interest timeline depicting viewed models, which can be used for displaying scan paths in a selected time segment. A prototype toolkit is also discussed which combines an implementation of our proposed techniques. Their potential for facilitating eye tracking studies in virtual environments was supported by a user study among eye tracking and visualization experts.