The HCI Games Group will be at CHI PLAY 2015

The HCI Games Group will be at CHI PLAY 2015 next week in London, UK!

If you are going to the Conference, come play our game CHI PLAYGUE with us!

CHI PLAYGUE is a conference game designed to facilitate interaction among strangers and encourage social networking.
To defend from a cybernetic alien invasion, each participant of CHI PLAY 2015 will have to interact with as many other participants as they can, to build Earth’s defenses. We hope that they will find this a playful opportunity to meet new people and get to know their work.
To play this game, you will need to download the app to your smartphone, and a QR Code that will function as your ID. You will interact with other players by scanning their QR Code with your phone. Cards with the QR Code will be distributed during CHI PLAY 2015 by the HCI Games members: Gustavo Tondello, Rina Wehbe, and Lennart Nacke.
The team with the highest score by the end of the Conference — Earthlings or Aliens — will be the winner. And those players with the highest score in each faction will also be recognized in the leaderboards.

Click the game logo for more information and to download the game.



Our researches will also be presenting some of their work during the Workshops, the Doctoral Consortium, and the the main Conference.


Our Director, Dr. Lennart Nacke, will present the keynote speak for the Personalization in Serious and Persuasive Games and Gamified Interactions Workshop, Sunday, Oct. 4th at 9:15am.

Our other workshop presentations:

Doctoral Consortium

Our Ph.D. Candidate Dennis Kappen will present his thesis Adaptive Engagement of Older Adults’ Fitness through Gamification in the Doctoral Consortium on Sunday, Oct. 4th.

Works In Progress

We will also present some of our work in progress as posters on the evening of Monday, Oct. 5th.

The HCI Games Group will be at CHI PLAY 2015

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